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KL 506

The KL 506 is a 230Wmax 12V linear amplifier for use in the 10m Amateur Band frequency, (or other HF bands with the use of a suitable Low Pass Filter). It requires a drive power of 1 to 10W in all modes.  The KL 506 features a 26dB RX preamplifier with electronic switching, a three position RF Output power selector via a control on the front panel, and a connector for remote control. On the front panel there is also a LED wattmeter to indicate the output power.


Technical Specifications :

  • Frequency: 10m Amateur Band, (1.8-30MHz with LPF)
  • Power Supply: 13.8VDC+/- 1V 50A
  • Input Current: 35 A max
  • Input Power: 1-10W max (All modes)
  • Output Power: 230W max
  • Input VSWR: 1.1-1.5:1
  • Fuse: 3x12A Fast 5x20mm
  • Dimensions:  L 300 W 190 H 67 mm
  • Weight: 2.050 g