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SPS 1050 S

SPS 1050 S is a Switching power supply with variable output voltage, of high quality and reliability, suitable for use with all electronic and telecommunication devices. It is equipped with two illuminated meters (Voltmeter and Ammeter), a knob for regulating the output voltage and an internal cooling fan. The SPS 1050 S can be switched between a fixed output voltage of 13.5 V or an adjustable voltage of 9 to 15 Volt via a practical slide switch located on the front panel. SPS 1050 S is available in 110Vac and 230Vac versions.

Specifiche Tecniche :

  • Supply : 110V – 230V
  • Output Voltage : 9-15V / 13,5V ± 0.5V
  • Continuous Load: 50 A
  • Max Load : 50 A
  • Fuse: 5 A Fast 5×20mm ( 230V)     10A Fast 5x20mm ( 110V )
  • Dimensions: L 285mm W 185mm H 113mm
  • Weight : 2.9 Kg.